New City

New City (2016-2019) was a documentary project focused on making connections between the past and present in Easthampton, MA.

By juxtaposing people, places, and objects from the past and present I intended to show history as an ongoing process that is still in the making. Over the course of the project the work took many forms including a series of zines, hand-made books, exhibitions, and live, theatrical performances. This project was funded in part by grants from Easthampton City Arts+ and the Local Cultural Council.

Nicole LaChapelle

When Nicole LaChapelle ran for mayor of Easthampton, MA, I was hired as the campaign’s staff photographer.

Nicole LaChapelle at a campaign rally in Easthampton, MA, 2017

Working with the team, I produced media for press and public relations, including formal headshots, editorial coverage, and an introductory campaign video. I was also on location for public events including campaign rallies and election day.

As We Know It

As We Know It (2012-2016)

As We Know It is an autobiographical fiction documenting a personal encounter with the universally symbolic experience of coming of age. The loss of innocence that comes with maturity is paralleled by a literal loss, and the compounding struggles to cope become intertwined. Drawing characters, settings, and situations from real life, the story is a narrative exploration of the state between adolescence and adulthood, and the universal attempt to understand our own mortality.


Easthampton Illustrated

Easthampton Illustrated was an editioned set of handmade art-books produced by the artist as part of the project New City

The title, ‘Easthampton Illustrated’, comes from a portfolio of prints published in the early 20th century. By appropriating the historical title I intend to update and expand on the recorded image of the city. These new books consist of images, text, and archival reproductions from my larger project, New City, which documents and explores contemporary and historical narratives in Easthampton, Mass. By simultaneously presenting historical and contemporary images, stories, and objects, the work makes connections between people and places, over time.

Hand-made books in archival boxes with a curated selection of prints, found objects, text, and vintage ephemera. Each boxed set is a unique art object, from an edition of 10.