Sticks & Bricks

Sticks & Bricks is a custom furniture shop and showroom in Northampton, MA. Using vintage pieces, and found materials, owner Liz Karney restores and crafts new furniture with a master carpenter’s hand.

When rebranding the shop, Liz wanted to focus on her work as a carpenter, furniture maker and designer. We decided to center her unique process of finding vintage elements, designing combinations of old and new materials, and building new pieces of furniture.

Inflatable Boats

When Inflatable Boat Racing expanded its line to include rescue and recreational boats a rebrand was essential. They needed to avoid the limitations of their overly specific name in favor of something that would lend itself to flexible growth.

Abbreviating ‘Inflatable Boat Racing’ allowed them to retain existing name recognition while incorporating their expansion. IBR now meant inflatable boat racing, rescue, recreation, and repair.

The next step was to elevate the company’s visual impact with a new branding identity. The new logo we designed had a more professional feel while still referencing its nautical roots by incorporating waves and the compass rose.

Following the logo was a full website build including the expanded product range, inventory listings, and a blog. A rotating header on the home page would cycle through web banners featuring the new product lines.

Along with the rebranding project, I also acted as principal photographer, videographer, and post-production editor for events and tradeshows attended by the IBR team.

The Ethnic Study

The Ethnic Study is a brick-and-mortar co-working space and cultural hub for education, collaboration and, community.

Steph and Simbrit from ‘413 Stay Woke Stay Active’ knew they needed a rebrand when they decided to elevate their organization from an online group to a physical space and resource for the Western Mass community.

I had seen the 413 Stay Woke Stay Active (SWSA) team in action at local Black Lives Matter rallies earlier in the year, but I first met Steph and Simbrit when they brought me in to document the renovation of their new space in 2020. The sense of community was immediately apparent as volunteers arrived to paint and family members delivered food.

The launch of a physical space meant rebranding while leveraging their existing following. While I began mocking up logo concepts, Steph and Simbrit were reaching out to local activists and organizers that they had worked with as 413 SWSA for interviews.

With a new name, logo, and address, Steph and Simbrit transformed an online coalition into a real space for organizing, learning, and resources. In the fall of 2020 The Ethnic Study opened its doors at 222 Worthington St. in Springfield, MA. To wrap up the launch of this branding project I covered the opening night party.

Seth Glier

SETH GLIER is a Grammy nominated singer-songwriter, a talented multi-instrumentalist, and a great collaborator.

The first time I worked with Seth was at a community fundraising gala in Easthampton, MA. At the time, I was working on New City, and he wanted to learn about local history. Our conversation became the background for his historically grounded performance as host of the event. Since then, I have worked with Seth on everything from music videos to engagement photos.

To accompany his song ‘Justice For All’, Seth asked me to produce a video to project during live performances. I dug through archival footage, compiled and edited a series of archival and contemporary clips that complemented the themes of social justice and protest that drive the song.

When his Uncle Bill was in the late stages of battling cancer, Seth commissioned me to film a performance of ‘When I Go Away‘ with his uncle’s gospel group. The performance was cathartic, the experience was transcendent, and I can only hope that my video captured a fraction of the beautiful reality. [LINK]

New City

New City (2016-2019) was a documentary project focused on making connections between the past and present in Easthampton, MA.

By juxtaposing people, places, and objects from the past and present I intended to show history as an ongoing process that is still in the making. Over the course of the project the work took many forms including a series of zines, hand-made books, exhibitions, and live, theatrical performances. This project was funded in part by grants from Easthampton City Arts+ and the Local Cultural Council.

Nicole LaChapelle

When Nicole LaChapelle ran for mayor of Easthampton, MA, I was hired as the campaign’s staff photographer.

Nicole LaChapelle at a campaign rally in Easthampton, MA, 2017

Working with the team, I produced media for press and public relations, including formal headshots, editorial coverage, and an introductory campaign video. I was also on location for public events including campaign rallies and election day.

Easthampton Illustrated

Easthampton Illustrated was an editioned set of handmade art-books produced by the artist as part of the project New City

The title, ‘Easthampton Illustrated’, comes from a portfolio of prints published in the early 20th century. By appropriating the historical title I intend to update and expand on the recorded image of the city. These new books consist of images, text, and archival reproductions from my larger project, New City, which documents and explores contemporary and historical narratives in Easthampton, Mass. By simultaneously presenting historical and contemporary images, stories, and objects, the work makes connections between people and places, over time.

Hand-made books in archival boxes with a curated selection of prints, found objects, text, and vintage ephemera. Each boxed set is a unique art object, from an edition of 10.