IBR.US sells inflatable boats, outboard engines and parts for racing, rescue, and special operations.

As Director of Marketing, I am responsible for overseeing photo/video, web/graphic design, social media, and art direction. Since 2014, I have overseen everything from race photography and boat graphics to social media and overall communications strategy.

Online at www.ibr.us / @ibr.us

Seth Glier

SETH GLIER is a Grammy nominated singer-songwriter, a talented multi-instrumentalist, and a great collaborator.

Seth Glier performing at STRUT Live: a gala for Easthampton City Arts+, Dec. 2016

Since 2016 Seth Glier and I have collaborated on a range of projects.

The first time I worked with Seth was at a community fundraising gala in Easthampton, MA. At the time, I was working on New City, and he wanted to learn about local history. Our conversation became the background for his historically grounded performance as host of the event. Since then, I have worked with Seth on everything from music videos to engagement photos.


To accompany his song ‘Justice For All’, Seth asked me to produce a video to project during live performances. I dug through the (figurative) crates of YouTube and compiled/edited a series of archival and contemporary clips that complemented the themes of social justice and protest that drive the song.


When Uncle Bill was in the late stages of battling cancer, Seth commissioned me to film a performance of ‘When I Go Away’ with his uncle’s gospel group.
The performance was cathartic, the experience was transcendent, and I can only hope that my video captured a fraction of the beautiful reality. [LINK]

Nicole LaChapelle

Nicole LaChapelle at a campaign rally in Easthampton, MA, 2017

Nicole LaChapelle ran for mayor of Easthampton, MA in 2017.

As the campaign’s staff photographer I was on location documenting public events. I also produced media for press and public relations, including formal headshots, editorial coverage, and an introductory campaign video.

New City

Easthampton Illustrated, by Henry Amistadi

New City Press, Easthampton, MA, 2017

Hand-made books in archival box with a curated selection of prints, found objects, text, and vintage ephemera. Each boxed set is a unique art-object, from an edition of 10 artist proofs. Available on commission, prices vary with each unique editions, inquire for details.

From the artist:

The title, ‘Easthampton Illustrated’, comes from a portfolio of prints published in the early 20th century. By appropriating the historical title I intend to update and expand on the recorded image of the city.

These new books consist of images, text, and archival reproductions from my larger project, New City, which documents and explores contemporary and historical narratives in Easthampton, Mass. The city is a former mill town that exemplifies a transition from the industrial era that has and continues to happen in similar cities across the nation.

By simultaneously presenting historical and contemporary images, stories, and objects, the work makes connections between people and places, over time. The overall narrative is a non linear impression of what it means to be from a particular place, and how that definition is constantly under revision.