Inflatable Boats

When Inflatable Boat Racing expanded its line to include rescue and recreational boats a rebrand was essential. They needed to avoid the limitations of their overly specific name in favor of something that would lend itself to flexible growth.

Abbreviating ‘Inflatable Boat Racing’ allowed them to retain existing name recognition while incorporating their expansion. IBR now meant inflatable boat racing, rescue, recreation, and repair.

The next step was to elevate the company’s visual impact with a new branding identity. The new logo we designed had a more professional feel while still referencing its nautical roots by incorporating waves and the compass rose.

Following the logo was a full website build including the expanded product range, inventory listings, and a blog. A rotating header on the home page would cycle through web banners featuring the new product lines.

Along with the rebranding project, I also acted as principal photographer, videographer, and post-production editor for events and tradeshows attended by the IBR team.