Seth Glier

SETH GLIER is a Grammy nominated singer-songwriter, a talented multi-instrumentalist, and a great collaborator.

The first time I worked with Seth was at a community fundraising gala in Easthampton, MA. At the time, I was working on New City, and he wanted to learn about local history. Our conversation became the background for his historically grounded performance as host of the event. Since then, I have worked with Seth on everything from music videos to engagement photos.

To accompany his song ‘Justice For All’, Seth asked me to produce a video to project during live performances. I dug through archival footage, compiled and edited a series of archival and contemporary clips that complemented the themes of social justice and protest that drive the song.

When his Uncle Bill was in the late stages of battling cancer, Seth commissioned me to film a performance of ‘When I Go Away‘ with his uncle’s gospel group. The performance was cathartic, the experience was transcendent, and I can only hope that my video captured a fraction of the beautiful reality. [LINK]